Where do you find your muse?

Where do you find your muse?

Real Moments - By Linda


Can you believe it’s May? It was NY’s Eve four short months ago. Did you make resolutions? Like most of us, did those resolutions fall by the way when life intervened? Then, like most of us, did you make more resolutions to coincide with Spring? Well, now we are in May. May is beautiful, filled with graduations, weddings, communions, and blooming trees that start off the season. May can be busy, but it can be a good type of busy and certainly time to find your muse. Synonyms for muse include inspiration, and stimulus. Spring inspires us to get moving. Cleaning, planning, and renewing, like flowers and leaves on a tree. It’s easy to lose our focus in winter. Our survival skills kick in with the cold, dealing with work, deadlines, metrics, and budgets. Or perhaps, studying at school, finishing papers, projects and presentations. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in routine and discipline, but when my task list looks like a living, breathing, undulating creature as items boil and bubble upon it, I know it’s time to find my muse. Where do you find your muse? I find mine in beautiful weather, the beach, mountains, great music, sparkling water and the smell of a barbecue with a cold glass of wine or beer.  Take some time to disconnect, unplug, erase the list, go outside, breathe the air and reestablish a bond with nature. Your time away from responsibilities will renew, refresh and strengthen your approach. Go find your muse, revitalize yourself, and bloom.

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