Get Your Copy of The Bench Today!!

Get Your Copy of The Bench Today!!

Real Moments - By Linda

The Bench

                                                  The Bench by Linda Rawlins

“About what, my child? What could possibly be so bad that your Heavenly Father wouldn’t forgive you?” After a long pause, so long that he wasn’t even sure if she was still there, he heard her faint whisper.

“I think I killed someone.”

Rocky Meadow, Vermont, seemed to be a quiet little town until people started dying or showing up in the emergency room under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Amy Daniels is a trauma surgeon, who recently moved to Rocky Meadow after a family tragedy. There she meets Father Michael Lauretta, a psychologist priest who counsels troubled clergy and pastor of the famous Rocky Meadow Retreat House. Together, they save lives and souls and try to solve a mystery before they become the next target of a greedy killer. Will they be able to put a stop to this deadly rampage? The unexpected conclusion awaits in The Bench.

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