Real Moments - By Linda



Sparkles dazzle me. Every holiday season, I see evergreens decorated in little white lights and they sparkle. I see glitter on decorations, clothing, and cards. Once again, they sparkle. Sunlight dancing across the ocean causes the water to sparkle. Bright stars that play hide and seek in a dark sky, filled with whispers of clouds, sparkle. Lights from homes on the opposite side of a dark body of water, or deep in a valley, as well as fancy diamonds and chandeliers all sparkle.

Different from the flickering light of a glowing candle, Sparkles speak of brilliance, beauty, energy, excitement and promise. Yet, sparkles are really nothing more than the reflection of light as it touches everything around us. Without light, we could not have sparkles.

In my many years in hospice, I have encountered another vast sea of sparkles, those in the eyes of my patients. When I visit, hold their hands and listen to their stories, they Sparkle. We acknowledge their pain, their disease, their sadness and then spend time to relive the fabric of their lives. Each moment recalls memories, loves, losses and victories. These things are always with them. The essence of their life remains inside, always a part of their being, all the while needing light to sparkle.

By spending time to reach out to patients, to the lonely, the homeless, to veterans, to take the time to provide compassion, an ear to listen, a smile, a warm presence, and loving embrace, you become the light. The light of your visit, your empathy and interest allows others to sparkle and dwell in the beauty of their lives. The essence of their being, cherished and forever pressed into hearts, minds, and memories.

During this holiday season, as well as the rest of the year, be the light that allows someone else to sparkle. You will be forever grateful for the gift of the heart you receive in return. All is calm, All is bright. May your beautiful holiday season Sparkle.