Riverbench Ramblings – Photo of the Week

Riverbench Ramblings – Photo of the Week

Real Moments - By Linda

Belmar Boat Aug 2016 Summer is almost over. It was a beautiful weekend and everyone seemed to be enjoying the last few days of vacation before the hectic pace of life begins again. Older students have moved back to college while grade school teachers ready their classrooms. With sadness we leave the lazy, hazy days of summer but look forward to starting our fall schedules. There is a veiled excitement in picking up those new school supplies and pulling out our pumpkin apple recipes. Even when my children were no longer going to school, I couldn’t wait for the school supplies to appear in August. My guess is that’s a common theme with writers. The thrill of a blank page or canvas just waiting for you. In the meantime, September and October are some of the most beautiful months at the NJ Shore. The water is warm, the beach is negotiable and some of the weekends are open.

What are some of your favorite thoughts about the summer to fall, beach to mountains, summer fruit to harvest transition? Let me know so I can feature some of your comments on an upcoming post. You can email your response to info@lindarawlins.com or you can post on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lindarawlinsauthor .  Please make sure you leave permission for me to post it!! As always, I reserve the right to delete snarky comments so Be a Light for the world!!

In the meantime, we still have Labor Day Weekend – another great weekend to relax, breathe and read!!!!

See you at the Beach!!