Review of Fatal Breach

Review of Fatal Breach

Real Moments - By Linda

I’d like to share a great review of Fatal Breach from a reader in Belmar.  Thank you Alison.


Fatal Breach
Linda Rawlins
Riverbench Publishing, 2013
I read this sequel (the second volume in Rawlins’s Rocky Meadow Mysteries
series) without having read “The Bench” (2011). Nonetheless, I was
immediately absorbed in the small-town Vermont setting and the compelling
characters, who  transcend type (the wounded physician, recovering
alcoholic priest, or vulnerable teen girl) and are believable and
well-developed. Amidst the recent surfeit of Vatican conspiracy thrillers,
“Fatal Breach” offers an alternate, refreshing view of the church as an
inclusive, healing community, and portrays the spiritual life as intensely
practical and grounded in service to “the least of these,” yet readily
permeable by the numinous and providential presence of God. The central
plotline of a Robin Hood-like cybercrimes ring of “hacktivists” could have
been more fully developed, and I was hoping for more closure of this theme
by the end of the novel. However, Rawlins has clearly set the reader up
for a continuing exploration of human and divine mysteries in Rocky
Alison Trembly
Belmar, NJ
July 2013

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