Real Moments 8/5/13 Tree Rings and Life

Real Moments 8/5/13 Tree Rings and Life

Real Moments - By Linda


I was thinking about tree rings yesterday. As a child, I would walk a path and count tree rings on a tree that had fallen or been cut. We were taught that each ring represented one year of life. The  width of the ring represented the type of year. For instance, a very dry year might produce a slim ring. I work in hospice, so to me, life is precious. I was wondering what human tree rings would look like. Would they be rich and thick or perhaps slim in these difficult economic and political times?  For most of us, our true riches come from our relationships, our happiness, our friends and family. Things that make us laugh. Do we spend enough time cultivating these riches. Perhaps we need to worry less about the material world, the social media, the numbers and spend more time with those we love. Life is fleeting. Take some time to disconnect from the virtual world, hug everyone you love and count some tree rings.


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