Linda Rawlins – Books, Beaches and Brine

Linda Rawlins – Books, Beaches and Brine

Real Moments - By Linda

Kinnelon Library 2016 It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’d like to thank Kinnelon Public Library for a great book signing. Many thanks to Kim for her hospitality and it was great meeting Lorraine, Linda and an actual Grandma Rose! Many others attended and we had a spirited discussion about writing, publishing and reading books. They have a great program!

I also was very welcomed at Breakfast with the author at the Belmar Public Library, Belmar NJ. Once again we had a great discussion about writing, reading and activities at the shore. It was great meeting everyone.

I will post additional book signings as they are scheduled.

The next novel in the Misty series is well underway. I received the proof of the new cover. I love it and am very excited, I hope to share it soon.

In the meantime, we get ready for the holidays! The craziness of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – all within the next 9 weeks! Many readers are now reading books with holiday themes. If you haven’t yet read Sacred Gold – it takes place around the Christmas Holiday. A secret journal reveals hidden treasure buried underneath St. Francis Cathedral. Against the backdrop of snowy Rocky Meadow, Vermont, bustling during the Christmas holidays, the St. Francis family scrambles to secure a soup kitchen, solve a murder, find a killer and locate hidden Sacred Gold.

Thanks again and make sure you take time to relax, breathe and read!!

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