Linda Rawlins – Books, Beaches and Brine

Linda Rawlins – Books, Beaches and Brine

Real Moments - By Linda

Empty boardwalk Fall has arrived! The weather is cooler and football has returned. The beaches and boardwalk have taken on that off-season look. The sand is damp and the water looks darker, although it is still very warm. The beaches are empty except for warm days and the boardwalk has cleared of swimmers. Many people watch the ocean from their car to enjoy a special form of meditation. We still have a good number of people, including the running clubs, who show up to exercise! Walkers, runners, bikers and a few skate boards, especially after work. The activity has changed and the beach demonstrates seasonal variety in it’s own special way. Over the next couple weeks, sand will be mounded to protect against storms. Even in winter mode, there is nothing more relaxing than watching the water. The power and enormity help to dwarf your own worries and problems. We’ll keep watch over the coming months as we wait for the summer to return.

In the meantime, we start looking toward Fall, apple and pecan pie, beautiful colors in the trees, special holidays and indoor affairs. During the winter, we’ll highlight some of the interesting stories of the NJ shore history and landmarks as we wait for the seasons to cycle. Above all, start building your winter TBR (to be read) list of great books.

Don’t forget to Relax, Breathe and Read! – See you at the beach!