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Katie’s Recipes –

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Bobka – Polish Bread


It’s Easter Season – I’ll be in the kitchen all day making

delicious Bobka for the holiday! This has been my family’s recipe for



Katie’s Bobka – Polish Bread


5 cups flour     2 sticks margarine  4 eggs

2 pkgs yeast     warm water            1 1/2cups milk

1 cup sugar


Put 5 cups flour in big pot.

Put 2 yeast pkgs in 3/4 cup water.

Place 1 T. of sugar in yeast mix. Place in warm place to rise.

Heat milk in saucepan – add 1 cup sugar to milk. After stirring, add

margarine to melt. Add 1/2 T. vanilla.  Once all is melted and mixed, let cool down!

Break eggs in separate bowl. Add to milk mixture after it has cooled and mix.

Add cooled mix mixture to flour and start to work dough. Add yeast mix as well.

Keep working dough until smooth and dough comes off hands easily. Add little extra

flour if dough is too soft. Place in warm place and let rise until doubled. (1-2 hours)

Then knead all bubbles, place in baking pan till half full. Let dough rise again.

Bake at 350 for 50 min.