How attached are you to your characters?

How attached are you to your characters?

Real Moments - By Linda

flowers from Michael photo A writer becomes attached to the characters in her book, especially when the author writes a series. Like old friends, characters and author grow together and share unique experiences.  I’d like to thank my good friend, fan, cheerleader and assistant, Anita, for a wonderful gift!!! For the last several years, she has sent a beautiful floral arrangement to my home for Christmas.  However, the card reads from the characters in my books, The Bench, Fatal Breach and my upcoming third manuscript.  Someone once said, “you know you’re a writer when you talk about your characters like they’re real.”  When you are the author, they are real, they’re part of you! Writers – How attached are you to your characters you write about? Readers – How attached are you to the characters you read about?

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