Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Real Moments - By Linda


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day. It was also my mother’s birthday so she chose the restaurant. Our table was in an elevated alcove which gave me an interesting view while we waited for dinner. I was able to “people” watch. Tables of couples, families, and a father with three young children. Some were holding hands, some laughing, some taking photos with smart phones. But some were quiet and some were sad. Two days ago was the anniversary of my dad’s death so I imagine some were lost in memories. I envisioned those special thought bubbles over each person’s head – what would each one say? What an interesting dinner that would be. What does your thought bubble say? Are you laughing, smiling and enjoying the moment? Or are you worried, anxious and sad? Life is difficult but try not to let those things rob you of precious moments. Keep your thought bubble positive and have a great day!

Linda Rawlins
Author Sacred Gold, The Bench, Fatal Breach