Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Real Moments - By Linda

Thanksgiving 2016 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I wanted to take a moment to tell you I am so thankful to have all the friends I have met through my career as a writer and physician. Thank you to all who have supported and read my books. Hearing from readers is a very special pleasure. The holidays are rapidly approaching and the beach is still in great shape as winter approaches. Megan, Nick and friends will celebrate the holidays in Misty Manor this year and I am happy to say they will be back in Spring 2017 in the next book of the Misty Point Mystery Series! In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and celebrate all the wonderful things you have in life. Once the dishes are done, don’t forget to take time to relax and read.

Happiness is not your situation but what you make of it on any given day!

Have a wonderful holiday.