Books, Beaches and Brine – Summer is almost over!

Books, Beaches and Brine – Summer is almost over!

Real Moments - By Linda

The summer has flown by!! It’s already mid-August. College students are getting ready to move, grade school students are counting the days and writer’s are excited as school supplies are on sale! Let’s face it, most writer’s I know, LOVE when school supplies are on sale. You can tell you’re a writer when you get excited about blank pages, new pens, highlighters and binders despite having a mound of them at home.

It’s been a hectic summer for me! I’ve had much fun attending conferences, talks, book festivals and writer’s meetings. I had a great book signing at the Fairfield Public Library! You meet so many fascinating people. I have a few more coming up! Waves of Mystery in Stone Harbor Library on September 7th, Old Bridge Library October 19th, and Crime Bake on November 8th-9th.

Misty Treasure was nominated for a David Award!!

At the recent Deadly Ink conference, I was so honored to be nominated for a David award along with other great writers – R.G. Belsky won the award for Yesterday’s news. The other nominees included Second Story Man by Charles Salsberg, The Consultant by TJ O’Connor, Feral Attraction by Eileen Watkins and Died in the Wool by Peggy Ehrhart.

Wendy Corsi Staub was the guest of honor and such a nice, gracious, fun person!

I was thrilled to meet Charles Salsberg and had fun with Jane Kelly!

I hope you’ve had a great summer and loved every minute as it flew by. We have a few more weeks before we pull out the cinnamon and pumpkin spice. So make sure you spend time reading anything you love to read, relax and enjoy!

Keep Writing, Reading and I’ll see you between the pages.