Books, Beaches, and Brine – Open Mic

Books, Beaches, and Brine – Open Mic

Real Moments - By Linda

Open Mic – June 29, 2019 – Sisters in Crime – Central Jersey

This past Saturday we had our Open Mic at Sisters in Crime – Central Jersey with some of our colleagues from the Delaware Valley Chapter. We had a great meeting and showcased a lot of talent. Our club concentrates on Mystery, but within that genre we have mystery writers who write beach cozies/suspense/thrillers/political/spiritual/horror/paranormal/pets/historical/medical and fan fiction.

After hearing the authors read some great fiction, we had a mingle exchanging bookmarks, books, and meeting some great new authors and followed by a basket raffle with great prizes. We’re always looking for new members so if you read, write or are new to mysteries look us up at

3 Words of the week –

1. Adapt

2. Adept

3. Adjust

Quote of the week – “Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Word of the week answers –

1. Adapt – modify something for a new use or purpose.

2. Adept – very skilled or proficient at something.

3. Adjust – alter or move something in order to achieve a desired fit.

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