Books, Beaches, and Brine – It’s summer! 7/1/20

Books, Beaches, and Brine – It’s summer! 7/1/20

Real Moments - By Linda

Hello and Welcome to the new followers on my newsletter. It’s finally summer and we can slowly venture outside again in NJ. What a crazy year. Everything has been turned upside down due to the COVID pandemic. For those who are just getting to know me, I am a hospice physician and I’m sad to say we’ve been very busy since the pandemic started. We’re under control here now and I send all good prayers and wishes to the rest of the world!!

Now that things have calmed down in NJ, I wanted you all to know that the fifth installment in the Misty Point Mystery Series is underway!! My deadlines have been extended. I’m back at the typewriter and you’ll be hearing from Megan Stanford soon. I’m back to plotting and reading a lot of great mysteries out there. I’ll be putting out my blog twice a month with some thoughts about writing and interesting authors as well.

WRITER’S ROOM #1 – If you love to write, do it often. Just write!! Don’t worry about having a specific outline, word count, or topic in order to write each day. That will come. Start by keeping your mind creative, let the thoughts flow! You may eventually polish and use your material for your next book or you may just use it as a future writing prompt. As you continue to write and read in your genre, you’ll develop your story, your chapters, and your manuscript. Then you can plan your work and work your plan. Your first copy will be rough, but that’s the point of editing and another post!

READER’S CORNER – Catch up on the Mystery Point Mystery Series!

THE KINDLE EDITION OF MISTY MANOR WILL REMAIN ON SALE FOR $0.99. Three years have passed since Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey Shore. Megan Stanford returns to her childhood home to find her elderly grandmother and the family Grand Victorian home in a state of shocking neglect. As the town threatens to sue to ensure demolition of the guest cottages behind Misty Manor, mystery unfolds in the once quiet town of Misty Point, NJ. A dead body found in the debris, threatening messages, and vandalism, combined with an eerie sixty year old photograph, bring the investigation closer to home. Megan continues to dig for the truth and unwittingly begins to unravel a decades old secret, which threatens her and the future of Misty Manor.

Visit the New Jersey Shore and join the group as they solve mysteries.

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