Books, Beaches and Brine – Edgar Allan Poe and Amy Waeschle’s new book! 7/15/20

Books, Beaches and Brine – Edgar Allan Poe and Amy Waeschle’s new book! 7/15/20

Real Moments - By Linda

            I love books! I’ve always loved books and if you’re the same, I’m sure you have a TBR pile (to be read) and have saved many you’ve already read. Since the new norm of spending time at home, one of the tasks I’ve finally started is organizing my books. I have a lot, collected over many years, in addition to those of my mother and grandmother. We all love books and to be honest, my favorite dates with my husband were in a bookstore.

            I recently found a gem in one of the bookcases. An 80 year old Edgar Allan Poe Collection from 1941. One of my grandmother’s books, it amazed me that it was timeless as a book. When I pick up a book, I take time to look at the actual book. The cover, the publisher, the copyright, publishing date, the font, amount of white space on the pages as well as any notes by the author. I try to imagine the thoughts and process of the writer at the time of writing.

Books are magical and they draw us into another world. That of the mind of the writer! Sometimes we forget to separate that from the physical world of the writer. Edgar Allan Poe was a writer, poet and literary critic but had a difficult life and career. It’s so fascinating that we can be in two places at one time – our physical state, yet mentally, we and the writer can be anywhere we want to be. Books are truly a magical portal – even the presence of a book!

It’s so important to have access to books and I applaud everyone who takes time to donate, read and share books! They are a true gift for everyone!

Writer’s Room #2 – Did you write today? Did you write this week? Give yourself a comfortable goal. Some aim for 500 words several days a week for a total of 2500 words while others will write a minimum of 1000 words a day. Writing should be part of your regular daily routine. Find the easiest part of the day to fit it in, which may be the hardest part for some but keep at it.


This week I’d like to introduce you to Amy Waeschle. She is an author, professional editor, and wilderness medicine instructor and is well known for the Cassidy Kindcaid Mystery Series! Book #4, Exposing Ethan, is out this week!!

Geologist Cassidy Kincaid is once again partnered with old friend and FBI Agent Bruce Keolani to solve a dangerous mystery. But little does she know that a deadly killer has her and the person she loves most already in his crosshairs. A ruthless killer. A hidden plot. Will Cassidy save the one thing that matters? Can Cassidy sift the truth from the lies in time to protect him?

Book #1 of this series, Rescuing Reeve, is free, and Exposing Ethan is on sale for a limited time – $2.99 during launch week! Don’t miss this opportunity.

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