Book Review – Mimosas, Mischief and Murder by Sara Rosett

Book Review – Mimosas, Mischief and Murder by Sara Rosett

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Ellie Avery and her husband plan for a visit with his family. Mitch is a military pilot with something on his mind. The kids, Nathan and Livvy, play like any kids on a long trip in the back seat. Upon arriving, they are surprised to hear that Grandpa Avery had just died. He was found, under suspicious circumstances, in his home. The family had planned for a week vacation and would now deal with a funeral instead. As the week progresses, strange things happen which lends more proof that Grandpa Avery had something to hide. There are a number of possibilities as family and neighbors are caught up with mischief. Meanwhile, the Book Daze book festival is about to start. It seems the family is dazed enough as they try to unravel the mystery.
Sara Rosett is a new author to me. I enjoyed this mystery. I felt the plot was fresh and unique. Her main character, Ellie Avery, is an organizational expert with a consulting business on the side who often asks questions and helps solve murders. That talent certainly helped with a few things in the book. However, it wasn’t necessary for most of the story. Each chapter ends with organizational tips. For the most part, I found those tips distracted from the story as some of them did not really align with the plot. I would put them at the end of the story so not to choke the flow. But overall, I enjoyed this book from a fresh new author.

mimosa, mayhem and murder

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