You Are Not Perfect – Polish, Polish, Polish

polished stone No one can be a heart surgeon, accomplished writer or any other profession in a day. We are all born with certain talents – some are a passion and some are a job. Regardless of what we choose or follow – we need to spend a significant amount of time polishing our knowledge, approach, and style. For instance, writing your first manuscript has you bursting with joy, anxiety and pride, until someone else begins to edit or critique. They don’t understand your baby. But as time goes by and your experience matures, you realize that “first cut” was the first step to higher learning and education. You can see the road much better from the top of the mountain then you can the base. Your baby may never be perfect – flaws may still show – but the polish highlights them and shows individuality and meaning, instead of lack of experience. Whatever your goal, desire or profession – spend the time to learn, deepen your experience, and always, always continue to polish to create a gem from a stone!