Life through a bag of ice

ICE IN GLASS Yesterday was 96 degrees according to the thermostat on my car dashboard. I finally arrived home for dinner. Someone had purchased a bag of ice and several of us went for drinks at the same time.  There was a small hole torn in the bag through which we had difficulty retrieving the cubes. I pointed out the hole was too small, quickly ripped the bag open and suddenly we were all happy. “Our experience would have been different if we originally made a bigger hole.” Just like life. Make a bigger hole in your life. Expand your horizons. Be more flexible. Get out of the box. Join the social club you have always been interested in. Write the second book. Reach out to your favorite charity or volunteer at your church. From the child taking extra dancing lessons to my ninety seven year old neighbor knitting blankets for the homeless and veterans, you will have a different experience if you expand your efforts. Make a bigger hole. Not only can you reach further, you will receive more in return.