Does your mood affect your writing?

angry face I recently attended a book discussion where the topic was the latest release in a popular series. The concern was the protagonist did not seem like herself. The normally affable character was cranky, rude and egocentric throughout the book, which was a change. There was no indication of a contributing author and the plot did not require the protagonist to act in that manner. One reader made an interesting comment. “Maybe the writer was cranky this year.” So, how often does our mood affect our writing? Whether writing emails at work, working on our novel or corresponding with friends, how does our mood affect our writing, tweets or posts? We normally want our business emails professional and to the point, but are they clipped, rude or devoid of concern?  Our tweets are shorter so we dispense with civilities and get right to the point. Does our character’s dialogue translate the mood we experience while writing? I do believe it is entirely possible and have now reread emails, tweets, and posts a second time before posting, preferably several hours later if time allows. A good editor will be able to pick up a change during review of a manuscript and all will be corrected before the final draft. All moods can be translated, despite our best intentions, whether through dialogue, exclamation points or happy faces. However, upon review we may find we only need one happy face, instead of six. Reread your work. Let me know if it makes a difference and have a great day!!!!!! 🙂