Midnight Shift

Hello and Happy New Year!! I hope your holidays were happy, healthy and blessed! Our family had some lovely days spending time with each other and preparing for the holidays together! One special part of the holiday saw the launch of my new book – Midnight Shift.

Midnight Shift by Linda Rawlins

It’s always so much fun to get that first delivery of the first copies of your new book!

Here is the book blurb –

When two patients of respected surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Brooks, die under odd circumstances, she is threatened with loss of medical privileges, a malpractice suit and financial ruin. Elizabeth is determined to discover why her patients are having unexpected complications but her anxiety only escalates when handsome Detective Jake Wagner shows up in her office looking for information as part of a criminal investigation. Distressed, she begins to dream about her dead patients.

Elizabeth has dreamt of the dead before, something she experienced after being hit by a drunk driver when she was young. For years after the accident, Elizabeth resisted the dreams and kept the dead away. But now, the dead are reaching out again. Realizing she needs help to save herself and her career, Elizabeth has no choice but to welcome them back and hope that sometimes the dead can protect the living.

I was honored to receive a review from Dru!! See Below.

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This was a fast-paced and well-executed drama that immediately grabbed my attention. With Dr. Brooks patients dying with no apparent reasoning, she suspects something is amiss, and discovers some nefarious shenanigans that could possibly derail her career if answers are not found. The author did a great job in staging this tightly-woven mystery filled with suspense and some intriguing aspects that was core – – the paranormal elements that enhanced the telling of this tale, playing a pivotal role in all that was happening.

The author provided the right number of red herrings with narrative that kept me immersed in every detail with clues here and there and engaging dialogue which helped dictate the actions of the various characters. As the drama moved forward, the pieces began to fall into place and frenetic pacing had me rushing towards the conclusion to see how this would all end. This was an enjoyable read and I can’t wait to see where we go next with this likable cast of characters that includes Dr. Brooks, Caitlyn, Jake and her parents.

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Hope you are having a lovely week. See you between the pages!!