Book Review – Unhinged by Sarah Graves – Home Repair is Homicide Mystery #6


Unhinged by Sarah Graves is the sixth book of the Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Series. When Jacobia Tiptree and her best friend Ellie are not in the midst of home repair, they are in the midst of murder, mystery and intrigue. Jacobia, or Jake, previously lived in NY as a financial expert for shady clients and now lives on Moose Island in Eastport, Maine. Unhinged begins when Harriet Hollingsworth, Eastport’s snoopiest resident, disappears without a trace. Soon after, accidents and bodies begin to mount, including some near to Jacobia’s family. She and Ellie set out to find the killer before they become next in line. This mystery series is great for those who hold special interest in home repair and medicine as her ex is the local neurosurgeon. Great story, with maybe a tad too much drama, and as many twists and turns as a mangled gutter. Check out the Home Repair is Homicide Mystery Series by Sarah Graves. You can read as a stand alone but may be more interesting to start at the beginning.