Book Review – Murder at the Falls by Stefanie Matteson

Murder at the Falls by Stefanie Matteson is an intriguing local murder mystery.  Written approx. 23 years ago, the book details a murder and subsequent investigation at the famous waterfalls of Paterson, NJ.  At the center of the murder is the artisan community who uses the Paterson Mills as their studio as well as the Falls View Diner, specializing in Texas Wieners, located at the top of the falls. The murder involves the death of an artist, stolen paintings, art collectors and the investigation by an aging famous actress named Charlotte Graham. North Jersey readers will recognize landmarks such as Garret Mountain, Montclair Art Museum, Paterson, Silk Mills, Delaware Water Gap and the myriad of Jersey Diners that are described in the book. Keep in mind the book was written 23 years ago and the picture of a changing Paterson was described then and has continued since.  Murder at the Falls is the fifth of the Charlotte Graham series. If you love classic mystery novels and a 1990 North Jersey landscape, you will love Murder at the Falls. Coincidentally, while I was reading this book, my good friend Carolyn Messina happened to capture a few intriguing shots of the current Paterson Falls. You can find more of her wonderful photographic talent at or on Instagram at carolynmessinaphotography  Enjoy!