A Second Chance: First in the Bradford Series (Kindle Edition) by Christina Paul

A Second Chance: First in the Bradford Series (Kindle Edition)

Beautifully written Georgian Era aristocratic historical romance that tells the tale of Lady Kathryn and Lord Graydon. While visiting her husband’s grave, Lady Kathryn finds a bleeding, unconscious gentleman. Hiding him at her country estate, she nurses the man back to health to learn he was shot while trying to rescue his niece, Anna. When his family comes to claim him, Lady Kathryn becomes involved in a tale of intrigue as she helps them complete their mission. From the countryside to London, they pursue their goal as they decipher all information from dockside “pub chat” to government records to discover Anna’s whereabouts. Along the way, Lady Kathryn falls in love with her handsome Lord Graydon, daring to hope he could someday offer his heart in return.
Fast paced read, full of intrigue, with wonderful characters in a lovely historical setting. If you love historical romance, you’ll love A Second Chance.